¿Why trust Bernal Accounting?

My name is YULIANA BERNAL. I graduated from KEISER UNIVERSITY with a degree in Accounting. I’m an experienced accountant with over 6 years, providing tax and accounting services to businesses and individuals, helping the community, with all the accounting and financial needs.

We are proud of our work. Now that you are here, we will tell you why you can trust us.

We help and educate our customers with integrity, passion and transparency when providing each of our services.
We seek to teach throughout the process, through personalized accompaniment, so that our clients find the right options, thus achieving financial or tax peace of mind.
At Bernal Accounting you will have the opportunity to access several solutions in the same place: Have your taxes up to date, create your company, keep a payroll, financial advice, etc. We expanded our activities and began to provide many accounting and financial services, to broadly satisfy the needs of our community.

Taxes Services

Our plus: with Bernal Accounting, all services, including tax services, are provided virtually, according to actual challenges. All this under the following three pillars:


Since the very beginning you will understand that you are trusting a certified and qualified professional expert.


For your tranquility, we will assist you from the beginning to the end in any service you require.


We want you to start your learning curve, for you to reach a better knowledge and independence.

Stories of satisfied


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With Bernal Accounting, I had the tranquility to arrange my taxes issue, and I did not feel so lost in the United States. I have learned a lot from Yuliana.
Carolina Aguirre
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Now I feel more relaxed with Yuliana´s advice and help, Bernal Accounting was the best company I found in the United States to start my own business.
Carlos F. Restrepo
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The best financial advice, I never feel alone, and above all, Yuliana is always teaching me all the time.
Eduardo‌ ‌Cardona‌

Accounting Services

Personalized Virtual

We provide virtual accounting services: I know part of the group of people and companies that have being growing with us. Contact us and you will be in good hands.
Integrated solutions all in one single place. We offer a wide portfolio of services, accounting and financial, to broadly satisfy our customers’ needs.